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Default: Space Station Supports

It's Yuri Gagarin's birthday, the first human in space! Born on March 9, 1934, today would've been his 80th anniversary. Unfortunately he died young in a plane crash in 1968, only 34 years old.

While he was the first human to leave Earth, I offer you something to keep your space sims safely grounded. Remember that wooden deck with flimsy posts underneath? I replaced that with something more durable.


A collection of pipes seemed more appropriate for a space colony's foundation, with some flexible hose bending around them for good measure. :) Comes in utilitarian grey/black to fit most styles, and the mapping is quite easy if you want to tweak the colours to your liking. Unlike the old tiny concrete blocks, I made the bottom foundation extra long to ensure firm standing even in very steep terrain.



Of course I had to add all the details you've grown to expect from my creations. The polycount is 582, that's about three times the original. A fair trade considering the much more interesting shape. :)
Fun fact: The hose's texture is actually a garage door.

A fair warning: It seems that if you build a foundation on top of a big hill the whole thing becomes flattened in neighbourhood view. :/ *shakes fist at core code* Well, looks like a walking machine (War of the Worlds?).



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