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Astrosuits and Astrohelmets for everyone (well, every Sim)!

On May 20, 1961 the first man-made object came near Venus. Space probe Venera 1 passed the planet in a distance of 100,000 kilometers. Sounds not like much, but we're talking about traveling a distance of about 40 million kilometers with a broken orientation sensor heading for a planet that's no bigger than Earth and moving.

Today I bring you a much needed update for your space explorers: Astrosuits and -helmets! Did I mention that they come for all ages? Toddler astronauts! Our sweet Ja made that happen! :)


Besides the standard maxis white there's also a variant in teal (with Great Leader logo) and space pirates (again that was Ja's idea, I didn't know about them at all).


Here's a detail shot. After the group shot I changed the teal suit a little, the gloves are lighter (like the pirates', minus the watch) and the bendy knee/elbow things are grey.


No space suit is complete without a helmet! I went for a bulky look to match the suit, and as a result it has room for more hairstyles than your usual head containment. You can wear a baseball cap in it, I kid you not! Of course it comes with an inbuilt communication system, there's a microphone and speakers. This helmet was designed for planet surface exploration, instead of heavy oxygen tanks it features a filter system in its back that transforms whatever atmosphere there is into something breathable. Don't try it the vacuum of space, though! These helmets have been in use for quite a while and have some scratches on their visor, but they're still perfectly safe!


I created the mesh and texture, but Ja did all the magic to make them work as accessories. As is to be expected with such a bulky thing, clipping can't be avoided, especially when a toddler is held by some older sim. It always stays air-tight, though! Here's an earlier project shot showing it in action (before I made the bottom black rubber): Picture by Ja

Both the astrosuit and the astrohelmet come in two versions: One is enabled for outerwear only (thanks to Shasta for testing), the other is available for everyday, athletic and outerwear. Choose only one version per item, please! Oh, almost forgot: For smaller file size all ages of the suit take their texture from the adult one. There's also a file included that unhides the maxis astronaut suit and enables it for the same categories.

Astrosuit - outerwear only

Astrohelmet - outerwear only
(polycount 2,171)

Did I mention that Ja helped an awful lot with these? :)
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