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Alien Flora: Miss Soul Scrubber

It just so happens that the last time at this spot I was talking about the Mars rovers. Guess what: Tomorrow will be the 45th anniversary of Lunokhod 1. On November 17th, 1970 that rover landed on the Moon and became the first radio-controlled robot on another celestial object. It's the great-grandfather of Spirit and Opportunity, so to speak. And now for something completely different!


Space mushrooms! Or to be sci-fientifically precise: Magna Ichor Sporiporifera Sag-Uihae. Thanks to AlfredAskew for the name and description! Although Sag-Uih, the planet of its origin, was my own little addition to make the "Miss" acronym complete. You get 15 recolours for both the stem and cap part which you can mix to your heart's content, of course, as well as 16 matching terrain paints so your mushroom forests can grow all over the place! Did I ever mention that one of my other ideas is a spore-based version of zombies? Oh, I just realized that would even make sense with Alfred's description! Also: brain slugs, but I digress. Here's a picture of all nine variants with everyone's favourite alien plant for scale:


The big one on the right is the master for all others. Sims can step over the two smallest mushrooms and the sprouts are no obstacle at all. There's no fungus category in build mode so you'll find them under trees, and you get them for free!

Sprouts -------- 1,408
XXS --------------- 644
XS ----------------- 784
S ------------------- 644
M ------------------ 644
M-double ------ 1,252
L ------------------- 784
XL-double ----- 1,252
XL-twin-head - 1,896

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare) or DOWNLOAD (mediafire)
Tags: build mode, garden center, new mesh

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