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Groovy Collection Defaults

I shared these recolors at Garden Of Shadows for a monthly theme and hope the defaulted versions will fit in here. To me, this furniture always looked like something from a failed space colony we tried to establish on another planet.

Speaking of abandoned projects, slig_lj and I planned this forever ago and all of a sudden it was two years later. Many thanks to them for their help, we shared textures and ideas and I hope we can collaborate again in 2018(?). Go get their very cool design-less counters and bubbleblowers! I sent them some early versions and umm Slig didn't know I would change my palette at the last moment... So I've done alternate bubbleblower defaults and recolors to match the final set :P

download uni groovy defaults with 'completer' recolors
download bubbleblower recolors and missing lighting recolors from the GoS set

default_shasta_uni_doorgroovy and default_shasta_uni_windowgroovy
need to load AFTER Slig_GroovyStorybookGlassUpdate if you have it (from here)

recommended groovy add-ons:
WDS' matching cabinet (seen above)
ailias' table lamp
HeartDeco's table lamp
MsBarrows' living-chairs-as-dining-chairs
witheredlilies' has some replacements that aren't as spacey part i & part ii
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