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Welcome to Omicron-Simtauri!
This is psychosim. I'm making space-themed stuff. Some simming friends have helped so far, and I hope this will become a bigger project! There's just so much stuff to be possibly created! I have founded this as a community, you're absolutely welcome to join the journey as an active creator!

For getting feedback, beta testers or team mates for joined creations there is Beta-Simtauri! :)

Space sky recolors, new crater landscape maps, moon colony lots, all kinds of equipment you'd need to explore and survive on distant planets, space-themed careers, alien genetics ... With all the possibilities in this vast universe I don't want to put any limits on your imagination. Just be aware that this journal is not 18+, so please don't post too adult or gory stuff.

Just some technical guidelines: Pictures should not be wider than 700 px, but you can link to bigger sizes, of course.
For easier scrolling through recent entries, please use a cut if you have more than one picture or a lot of text!

For everyone's convenience I propose the following naming system:
Example: O-S_PS_build_SpaceColonyWindow_frame-green.package

"O-S" stands for Omicron-Simtauri and should always be at the beginning.
"CC-Type" should be replaced by markers I have used lately to keep files sorted even when put in the same folder. What I can think of right now, recommendations always welcome:
buy = buy mode
build = build mode
nh = neighbourhood deco
acc = accessory
In the case of sets with mixed types that part could be skipped, like I did with the buy mode/hood deco skies to have both versions of the same sky next to each other. Otherwise it's a neat thing to have. :) Since these marker come only after your name it won't make a big mess if we don't all agree on the same abbreviations, as long as you keep consistent with your own stuff that's great!

In case of defaults my system is a bit different:
Example: DEFAULT_terrain-dirt_SnowPlanet_O-S_PS.package

Similarly it's a good idea to keep the file name of a mesh you recolor and add your name to the end so the files will be in the same place.

Now go forth and play where no one has ever played before!

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